Established in 1993, The Association (HCHA) represents providers of home and community health services in New Zealand.  

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The Association’s objectives are to: 

  • provide leadership and advocacy for the home and community health sector; 
  • establish, promote and recognise high standards for the conduct of home and community health services:
  • address members’ educational and information needs; 
  • provide a united voice for the Association’s membership, to government and the public; 
  • maintain links and provide opportunities for the development of the sector and 
  • develop home and community health services that reflect the Association’s obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi
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HCHA is governed by a Board. Six members are elected by the membership for their skills and ability to strengthen the home health sector. Two further independent members are appointed by the Board following a nominations process.

Board members are elected to serve two year terms, for a total period of three consecutive terms of two years.

The current Board is:

  • Andrea McLeod (Chairperson), GM Strategic Change, Presbyterian Support Northern
  • Josephine Gagan, (Deputy Chairperson), CEO, Healthcare Holdings Ltd
  • David Chrisp (Deputy Chairperson) GM, IT Development, Access Community Health
  • Graeme Benny (Independent), Various Directorships
  • Bronwen Foxx, Chief Executive, Disabilities Resource Centre Trust, Whakatane
  • Donna Mitchell, GM, Service Development, Strategy and HR, Services
  • Jane Kelley, (Independent), Director, Fernhill Solutions Ltd
  • Shelley Cunningham, Chief Financial Officer, Te Puna Ora o Mataatua

The Chief Executive of the Association is Graeme Titcombe.